Tech Address We Offer mobile phones, tablets,
navigation devices and more.


A Communications and Information Technology.


a Saudi Company based in Riyadh.


in 20## as a specialized company in selling smart device.

About us

Tech Address for Communications and Information Technology, is a Saudi Company based in Riyadh, established in 20## as a specialized company in selling smart devices, its accessories in addition to its E-commerce.

In Tech Address we have established our pursuit to create an effective working model based on our deep understanding of the nature of this era and its continuous technological advances that characterize the field of technology and communications around the world. As we launched many sub-companies under our umbrella in this field, for us to become the perfect supporting choice for all who wish to invest and partnering the Saudi market, where we continuously develop our work to become ready at all times to contribute to keeping the local technological sense corresponding to every global technological event.

We were able –and in record time- to gain the Saudi customers trust through creating our brand “Mokab”, where we are currently working on to expand its outreach at the global level.

What We Offer

Such as

Mobile phones, Tablets, Navigation Devices and More.

Customers can get

Through our store a range of smart and distinctive accessories that offer practical solutions for them, such as smartwatches and more.

Customers will also

Be able to get regular accessories for their smart devices such as mobile chargers, wires, phone covers and more.

What makes our products special?

The products offered by Tech Address are characterized by a combination of practical elements that have helped us reach an esteemed position in the Saudi market through:

We are keen to provide high quality products and services, that commensurate with the selectivity of the consumer in the Saudi market and the customer’s extensive knowledge of the latest technology.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we bring our products from the world's most famous brands in the fields of technology, which are high quality and cutting-edge.

Because we recognize that the customer is one of the main axes for the sustainability to the success of any business model in the technology field, from facilitating access to products and services, and it doesn’t end after-sales service.

Our products can be purchased online, so that our customers can get what suits their needs faster and less effortlessly.

Brands Available In Our Store

Contact us

  • 8258 King Abdulaziz Rd, Ar Rabi
  • Riyadh 13315
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Phone: +966114588883
  • Web:
  • Email:




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